Zoo Logical

Gjelseth, Kai: Zoo Logisk

The Norwegian winner of the Nordic Picture Book Competition 2004, " Zoo Logical" is a lighthearted and highly original picture book of animals from all over the world. Augmented as it is by imaginatively written explanatory texts and illustrated with photographs, it is a cornucopia of a book for children from the age of 9 onwards. Through his highly personal presentation of many of the world’s familiar and, not least, unfamiliar animals, Kai Gjelseth introduces his readers to a remarkable universe. Here are large animals (most of them mammals from farm and jungle), birds (including a selection of poultry and other feathered creatures, fish (and their inoffensive,mysterious and fearsome fellow denizens of the deep) and insects (along with creepy-crawlies whose habitats range from high to low) – all presented in a manner that must be seen to be believed.

Kai Gjelseth: Biography and bibliography

First published: 2005

Languages: Norwegian

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