Casper and Mike: The Big Day of Chaos

Aust, Kurt: Kasper og Måns: Den store kaosdagen

Life in Weaklingville is quiet and peaceful until Casper and Mike decide to become detectives. The two boys begin an unsuccessful pursuit of possible criminals, and end up turning the town upside-down. In the middle of all the chaos a real thief strikes – and suddenly Weaklingville really need their detectives.

“The great thing about this book - in addition to the creative material - is the author style that makes the book both intimate and at the same time fun to read. But what would this project have been without Kin Wessel’s expressive illustrations. Here, the frantic vivaciousness is good support for the story. Two talented people stand out through this book, and they should most definitely continue in this genre in the future”

“His personal literary fingerprint is noticeable throughout the imaginative and charming story, which proves he can do more than write crime for adults.”
(Tønsbergs blad)

First published: 2006, Publicom
Kurt Aust: Biography and bibliography

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