Our Body

Torgersen, Trond-Viggo: Kroppen

Walking a perfect line between fact and storytelling, this unique book makes learning about the human body both fun and easy.

What happens when we sneeze? Where does food go once we eat it? What do we look like on the inside, and how are babies really made? Children have millions of questions about their bodies. Finally, there’s a book to help us give them answers. Our Body explains, in a simple and straightforward manner, the wonders of our bodily functions.

Using both colloquial and medical terms, the author tackles a number of different topics. Children trying to understand biology will be pleased to see that Our Body explains cell functions by depicting cells as trucks travelling throughout our insides. The “janitor” cells remove garbage, while the “phone” cells communicate between all the diff erent parts of the body. With simple wording and a creative touch, suddenly the most complicated inner workings of the body become comprehensible for even the youngest of children.

First published: 2003 (new editions)

Trond-Viggo Torgersen: Biography and Bibliography

”Our Body is so clearly written, but never unsophisticated. The result is really good. It is a “must” in every home... A triumph!”
– a pre-school teacher

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