Let Me Go

Figueiredo, Ivo de: Slipp meg

Ivo de Figueiredo, the author of the critically acclaimed biography Henrik Ibsen. The Man and The Mask. has also written an easily accessible and experimental book for young people about five of Ibsen's plays. The book, which in Norway was given as a gift to 120.000 students – is a very distinctive project, and hopefully a portal to Ibsen’s plays. This is helped by its composition of photos of Jo Michaels and Maya Lie which compliment the content.

Ivo de Figueiredo has, using his own words, retold Brand, Peer Gynt, Ghosts, A Doll’s House and The Wild Duck. The text, combined with pictures, might at times seem unusual; however the idea was to create riddles in the spirit of Ibsen, challenging the reader to solve their combined message.

First published: 2006, Aschehoug
Ivo de Figueiredo: Bibliography and biography

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