The Sydney Mystery

Sortland, Bjørn: Sydney-mysteriet

Easy read for young crime lovers! (age 6+)

This is the fifth novel in the series about the Bergvik family; the Mother, the Father and the three siblings Sissel, David and their little brother Thor. They visit a famous place or city on each continent. In Europe they visit Venice, Luxor in Africa, Angkor in Asia, New York in America. The last mystery book is set in Sydney, Australia.

The father is writing travel guides for families on holiday while the mother is a professor in art history and is totally addicted to all sorts of art. The three siblings are charming, brave and funny. David is the narrator in the novels and the stories are told from his point of view. An art mystery, connected to a famous place, is the key story in each novel, like the Doge Palace in Venice and Moma (Museum of Modern Art) in New York.

In this, the fifth and last novel in the series, the Bergvik family start receiving threatening letters at home, and are scared to show their faces outdoors. An old friend of the father’s, Ed from Australia, invites them over to Sydney. When they get there, however, Ed doesn’t answer the door. They manage to get into his apartment and find it full of caged animals. After a while they find Ed, too, in a cage. Once again it gets unbearably exciting and the family is exposed to even bigger challenges than earlier.

The books are first and foremost good reads for young readers, but they are also serve the purpose of presenting art and geography for children in an interesting and funny way. All books are amusingly illustrated by Trond Bredesen.

Bjørn Sortland: Biography and bibliography

First published: 2005

Languages: Danish (GB)

Rights sold to

Language Foreign publisher
Basque Edelvives
Bulgarian FIUT Publishers
Catalan Baula (Editorial Edelvives)
Chinese (simplified) The Writer's Publishing House
Faeroese Bókadeildin
Korean Dongneskach
Spanish Edelvives
Turkish Alfa

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