The London Mystery

Sortland, Bjørn: London Mysteriet Aschehoug Children & Young Adults

The Art Detectives are out on new adventures. David and his family are out traveling, and this time they get into real trouble when they find out that the brother of an old acquaintance are about to be swindled. The crook Stig Svartvig has of course something to do with it, even though he is in prison. These bad guys do not use gentle methods...

First Published: 2006

Bjørn Sortland: Bibliography and biography

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Language Foreign publisher
Basque Edelvives
Bulgarian FIUT Publishers
Catalan Baula (Editorial Edelvives)
Chinese (simplified) The Writer's Publishing House
Faeroese Bókadeildin
Korean Dongneskach
Spanish Edelvives
Turkish Alfa

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