The Yellow Dwarves

Gaarder, Jostein: De gule dvergene

One day when Arild comes home from school, the house is empty. He goes out into the streets, but it’s dead quiet everywhere. No-one to be seen; no sign of life. Except a weird, little yellow creature sitting on the kerb, throwing a dice and mumbling to himself. Arild doesn’t know it yet, but this is the beginning of the strangest day of his life.

Illustrated by Jill Moursund.

Praise for The Yellow Dwarves:

"There is something unmistakably Gaarderian about this easily read book ... As usual the author makes the reader wonder ... This odd little story leaves plenty of room for both wondering and figment of the mind. Can a dice have seven sides ? Are you more likely to throw a seven if you throw a million times? If you use your head, nothing is impossible. Arild knows how"

First published: 2006, Achehoug Children
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