The Children from Sukhavati

Gaarder, Jostein: Barna fra Sukhavati

Lik and Lak live in Sukhavati, and their best friend, Oliver, has told them many stories about the Earth. Their greatest wish is to visit Earth and its people, and at long last, with Oliver's help, they are enabled to make the journey in a glass capsule. But they do not travel all that way just for the fun of it: They have been entrusted with an important task - to try to make Earth's inhabitants understand that life is an adventure. Their flight through space takes them to, of all places, Bergen, on the west coast of Norway, where they are a huge sensation.

Jostein Gaarder: Biography and bibliography

First published: 1987, Aschehoug Children and Young Adults

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Language Foreign publisher
Catalan Ediciones 62
Chinese (complex) Triumph
Chinese (simplified) Jieli
Dutch Fontein
Italian Salani
Portuguese Presenca
Spanish Siruela

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