Tuva and the Clutter Gnome

Baugstø, Line: Tuva og skrotnissen

Tuva is a little girl who can't stand tidying up. One day she comes across the Clutter Gnome, Lage, in her wardrobe, and they quickly become firm friends. The fact is that Tuva is constantly getting into trouble because her room is so untidy, whereas Lage's problem is that he isn't untidy enough. Although clutter gnomes and humans aren't really supposed to play together, Tuva goes home with Lage to help him make a mess of his room. But they are caught redhanded by Lage's father, and are made to promise never to see each other again.

The book is illustrated by Ann Avranden.

Praise for Tuva and the Clutter Gnome:

"Baugstø knows her six-year-olds, boys and girls alike, and her writing is perfectly matched to her readership in both form and content. The dialogue cannot be faulted and makes the book an exciting and enthralling read"

"Line Baugstø puts her imagination to good use in this, her first children's book, and has created a kind of topsy-turvy world that is all her own. Many children will start hoping to find a clutter gnome in their own cupboard"

Languages: German (Cecilie Dressler Verlag)

First published: 2002, Aschehoug Children and Young Adults
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German Cecilie Dressler Verlag

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