Alanya - The Road to Domar

Alvestad, Iselin B.: Alanya - Veien til Domar

With royal blood running through her veins, Alanya is no ordinary girl. She is also the only one able to do something about the curse that rests on Aryak. But to succeed she has had to wake the dragons. Aryak is still haunted by the curse, and while Luan is trapped in the King’s dungeon, Alanya and Haimo head for Domar, a realm in the grips of ice and freezing cold. They are accompanied by the fire dragons, who turn out to be indispensable in the fight against the witch and her curse. Because the witch has entered into an alliance with the ice dragons, led by the dreadful Dimmiu.

A sequel to ALANYA – THE ROAD FOLLOWS THE HEART and ALANYA – THE DRAGONS AWAKEN, ALANYA – THE ROAD TO DOMAR is the third book in the Alanya series.

First published: 2009, Aschehoug, Children & Young Adults
Iselin B. Alvestad: Biography and bibliography

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