Alanya - The Road Follows the Heart

Alvestad, Iselin: Alanya - Veien følger hjertet

In the dead of night, young Alanya awakens to horsemen invading her sleepy village of Mumbyville. Though the horsemen try to steal her from her uncle Pip and aunt Munny – the only parents Alanya has ever known – she escapes with the help of duffle dwarves, and suddenly fi nds herself in a new world. Alanya travels with the Wizard Kasimir towards the capital city of Abylon, where she must save her captured uncle Pip, and fi ght the evil forces who have taken over the country. Alanya’s journey is full of challenges, but she harnesses her strength, and the royal blood she learns is in her veins… Her fight against evil is also a fight against her own family.

Iselin Bråten Alvestad: Biography and bibliography

First published: 2006, Aschehoug

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Swedish Tiden

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