Kirkengen, Anna Luise

Anna Luise Kirkengen is a specialist in family medicine and an authorised tutor for specialists-to-be. She has been a General Practitioner/Family Physician in Oslo for thirty years. In 1998, she defended her thesis Health impact of childhood sexual abuse. A phenomenological-hermeneutical study. In 2001, the thesis was transformed into a book entitled Inscribed bodies. Health impact of childhood abuse, a book that has been acclaimed by leading epidemiologists and psychologists in research on health impact of integrity violation.

" Inscribed Bodies is thus a book about things we wish not to know […] Such a profound and insightful work [...] comes into print only once every decade or two […] Inscribed Bodies deserves attention as the work of an unusually observant and reflective physician who sees with frightening clarity and writes with ease and elegance. Inscribed Bodies will be of great interest to colleagues who feel an obligation to pursue self-development, both professional and personal."
(Dr. Vincent J. Felitti, leader of the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) Study)

"Although several efforts are being made to understand the link between sexual abuse history and illness, Inscribed Bodies. Health Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse is unique in portraying the transformation, within individuals, of experiences of sexual abuse into health problems. This achievement required nothing less than a profound questioning of the very assumptions of biomedicine. Dr. Kirkengen addresses these assumptions and their consequences in the first section of this brilliant, complex, and extremely important work."
(Professor Jacqueline Golding, Los Angeles Epidemiologic Area Catchment (LA-ECA)Study)

Anna Luise Kirkengen has been a lecturer for students of all health care related disciplines from the pre-graduate to the master- and doctoral level at all Norwegian and several Nordic universities, and in the post-graduate education of a wide range of practitioners in the professions of health care, child care, and the law, such as lawyers, judges, and the police. In addition, she has published a number of articles in Norwegian journals.

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Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
2005 Hvordan krenkede barn blir syke voksne How Abused Children Become Unhealthy Adults

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