Christie, Nils

Nils Christie is a world-renowned criminologist whose work has been published in a great number of languages. His PhD thesis from 1960 questioned the way in which society differentiates between what is criminal and what is not, which has remained a central theme throughout his career.
He has written several groundbreaking books, among others his famous study about the different functions of the school, books about drug problems, about the functions and justifications of punishment and the relationship between crime and society's development. Nils Christie is a professor of criminology at the University of Oslo.

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Selected bibliography & translations

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2009 Små ord for store spørsmål Small Words for Big Questions
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1993 Kriminalitetskontroll som industri Crime Control as Industry
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1989 Bortenfor anstalt og ensomhet - om landsbyer for usevanlige mennesker Beyond loneliness and institutions
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1984 Den gode fiende. Narkotikapolitikk i Norden The Good Enemy
1982 Hvis skolen ikke fantes What if Schools Didn't Exist
1982 Hvor tett et samfunn How closely knit a society
1981 Pinens begrensning Limits to Pain
American English Wipf & Stock
Bulgarian SIBI Publishing
French Groupe De Boeck
Japanese Horitsu Bunasha Publisher/Sakai Agency

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