Renberg, Tore

Tarjei Vesaas' Debutant prize 1995
Tiden Prize 1996
Henrik Steffen's grant, 1998
Siddis prize 2004
The P2 listeners' best novel prize 2005
Nominated for the Brage prize 2005
Nominated for the Young Critics' prize 2005
Nominated for Dagbladet's novel of the year 2005
Stavanger Cultural prize 2008
The Booksellers' prize 2008                                                                                                           
Nominated for the Nordic Council Film Prize 2008
Nominated for the Critics Prize
The Department of Culture's Prize
Nominated for the Bookseller's prize 2013
Stavanger Kommune's Cultural Prize 2014
Nominated for the Bookseller's prize 2014

"Renberg's novels are of international excellence"

Tore Renberg (born 1972) made his literary debut in 1995 with the collection of short prose Sleeping Tangle for which he won the prestigious Tarjei Vesaas’ Debutant Prize.  

During the 90s Renberg also distinguished himself as a literary critic, and for hosting a programme on literature on The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK).  

Since the debut, Renberg has written several novels and children’s books. His big commercial breakthrough came with the five iconic novels about the fallible antihero Jarle Klepp. These books captured the essence of an era and displayed a portrait of a young man in a way never before seen in Norwegian literature.  The books on Jarle Klepp have become standard reading in Norway.  

Also the movies based on the books The Man Who Loved Yngve (2003), The Orheim Company (2005) and I Travel Alone/Charlotte Isabel Hansen (2008) were big box office hits. Renberg wrote the film scripts to all three. 

Renberg has received a number of prizes for his novels, amongst them the Booksellers’ Prize for I Travel Alone (2008) and the P2-Listeners’ Novel Prize for The Orheim Company (2005).  

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 "Renberg's novels are of international excellence ... See You Tomorrow is a wild, compassionate first rate thriller ... At the same time, the second volume, Attack from All Sides, is published in Norwegian, and it is just as good ... The grandeur of Renberg's project is the concentration, the condensation, the absolute absence of coincidence ... The penmanship, the personification and the abundantly idiomatic dialogue makes See You Tomorrow and Attack from All Sides into brilliantly realistic prose, not just within Scandinavia, but in the international elite"
SYDSVENSKAN, SWEDEN (Review of See You Tomorrow and Attack from All Sides)

Photographer: André Løyning

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