Høvring, Mona

Mona Høvring (b 1962) has published five collections of poetry, the most recent being The Squirrel and the Rickety Bridge. Her first novel, Something that Helps, came in 2004. For her most recent novel, Camilla's Long Nights (2013), Høvring was Nominated to the Nordic Council's Prize for Literature 2014.

Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
2017 Jente med dødningehode Girl with Skull
2013 Camillas lange netter Camilla's Long Nights
2012 Venterommet i Atlanteren The Waiting Room in the Atlantic
Danish Lesen
French Les Éditions Noir sur Blanc
2010 Ekornet og den vaklevorne brua The Squirrel and the Rickety Bridge
2008 Å Paradis Oh Paradise
2006 Helt vanlige mirakler Ordinary Miracles
2004 Noe som hjelper Something That Helps
Danish Lesen
2000 Ensomme badedager og andre dikt Lonely Days at the Beach and Other Poems
1998 IIK! Ein dialog EEK!! A Dialogue

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