Hoem, Edvard

Edvard Hoem was born in 1949, and made his debut in 1969. Since then he has published a number of novels, and has been nominated for the Nordic Critics' Literary Prize four times, for the novels The Ferry Crossing, Probation, Ave Eva and Mother's and Father's Story.

In addition to this, Edvard Hoem has written plays, essays and he has translated seven of William Shakespeare's plays into Norwegian, among them Othello and King Lear.

Hoem's books have been sold to nine countries. He received the Language Prize 2013, and in 2014 he published his first novel in nine years. He was longlisted for the P2 Listener's Prize for his 2015 novel A Haymaker in Heaven.

Photographer: Paal Audestad

Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
2016 Land ingen har sett A Land No One Has Seen
2015 Bror din på prærien Your Brother on the Prairie
Danish Forlaget Hovedland
2014 Slåttekar i himmelen A Haymaker in Heaven
American English Milkweed
Danish Forlaget Hovedland
2009 Villskapens år. Bjørnstjerne Bjørnsons liv 1832–1875 The Wild Years. The Life of Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson 1832–1875
2007 Faderen. Peder Bjørnson forsvarer seg. The Father. Peder Bjørnson Defends Himself.
2005 Mors og fars historie Mother's and Father's Story
Bulgarian Damyan Yakov
Czech Kalich
Dutch Watervis
Faeroese Nylendì
German Suhrkamp Verlag
Russian MIC
Swedish Forum
2004 Kom fram, fyrste! Come Forward, Prince!
2000 Frøken Dreyers musikkskole Miss Dreyer's School of Music
1996 Tid for klage, tid for dans A Time for Wailing, A Time for Dancing
1991 I Tom Bergmanns tid In the Days of Tom Bergmann
Swedish Forum
1987 Ave Eva Ave Eva
British English Xenos Books
Danish Rosinante
Romanian Pandora Publishing
Swedish Forum
1985 Heimlandet. Barndom. The Homeland. Childhood.
German Suhrkamp
Russian MIC Publishers
1984 Prøvetid Probation
Danish Rosinante
Swedish Forum
1974 Kjærleikens ferjereiser The Ferry Crossing
American English Garland
German Wolfgang Butt Verlag
Swedish Forum
1969 Som grønne musikanter Like Green Musicians

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