Hansson, Cecilia

Cecilia Hansson (b. 1973) made her debut as a poet in 2002 with REVBENSDAGAR, MORGNAR. In 2005 she published TÄNJ MIN HUD. A TRANSFORMATION. Hansson has contributed to several anthologies, including DE VACKRASTE KÄRLEKSDIKTERNA.

In 2006 she was awarded “Rubus Arcticus”, Norbotten’s cultural grant. She has cooperated with photographers, artists and other writers, and contributed poems to the National Museum’s exhibition Konceptdesign 2005.

In 2008 she published SPEGELSKEN, a collection of prose poems, on cooperation with the illustrator Dennis Eriksson. The same year SPEGELSKEN was also exhibited at the Norbotten Museum.

In October 2008 the Belgian artist Virginie Bailly presented a permanent work of art based on a poem by Cecilia Hansson in Brussels.

Cecilia Hansson (left) with Inger Bråtveit Photographer: Cato Lein

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2009 Loveprosjekt Love Project

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