Haavardsholm, Espen

Espen Haavardsholm (b 1945) published his first collection of short stories TIDEVANN in 1966, and was central in the group responsible for the important literary magazine PROFIL. Since then he has written novels, essays, poetry and biographies. His books are translated into a number of languages and three have been made into films.

Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
2014 Til Nuuk To Nuuk
2011 Besøk på Ekely Visit at Ekely
German Osburg
2008 Bildet på baksiden The Picture on the Back
2006 Tjue Twenty
Danish Batzer & Co
2004 Gutten på passbildet The Boy in the Passport Photo
Danish Batzer
2002 Noveller om ungdom Short stories of youth
2001 Lilit Lilith
1998 Italienerinnen The Italian Woman
1996 Det innerste rommet The innermost room
German Klein & Blechinger Verlag
1994 Ikke søkt av sol Not sought by sun
German Klein & Blechinger Verlag
1990 Huleskyggen The shadow of the cave
1988 Mannen fra Jante The man from Jante. A portrait of Aksel Sandemose
Danish Schönberg
Swedish Forum
1986 Roger, gult Roger, yellow
1983 Store fri Recess
Danish Modtryk
French Actes Sud
Swedish Alba
1980 Drift Urge
Swedish Alba
1978 Bok om Kalle og Reinert Book of Kalle and Reinert
Danish Høst & søn
German Fischer
Russian Progress
1975 Historiens kraftlinjer The power lines of history
1968 Munnene The mouths
Swedish Albert Bonniers Förlag
1966 Tidevann Tidal water
1931 En sjømann går i land A Sailor Steps Ashore

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