Ericsson, Kjersti

Kjersti Ericsson (b 1944) is a criminologist and author of numerous non-fiction books concerning psychiatry, youth problems and women's issues. Since her fictional debut in 1968, she has published many novels and poetry collections. Her moving book ALONE, which deals with the loss of her husband, was hailed by critics on its publication in 2011.

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Photographer: Janne Lindgren

Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
2013 Et hjertes beliggenhet A Heart's Location
2011 Alene Alone
2008 Gunhild fra Vakkerøya Gunhild from Pretty Island
2005 Hjemkomst Homecoming
British English Harvill Secker
Romanian Casa Cartii De Stiinta
2001 Hekketid Nesting Time
2000 Paradisfugl Paradise Bird
1998 Far og mor Father and Mother
1997 Alkekongeriket The Kingdom of Auks
1995 Mosestille. Kjerringrokk Moss quiet. Horsetail

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