Karoli, Solomia

Solomia Karoli was born in Oslo in 1962. She stayed in an orpanage in Germany for four years, before being returned to her parents, Polykarp and Susanne, at the age of five. In her childhood years she was subject to gross neglect, and schooling was difficult. However, she managed to graduate at 27, as the first Norwegian gypsy ever. After some members of her family staged the largest diamond robbery in Norwegian history, living in Norway became impossible for her, even though she played no part in the crime. She has since been on the move across the world, without ever having forgotten her origin. This book is an important part of her incessant struggle to survive and lead a dignified life as a Norwegian gypsy.

Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
2009 Sigøynerkongens datter The Gypsy King’s Daughter – The Story of My Life

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