Høst, Gerd

Translator, actress, poet, researcher and writer, Gerd Høst started out as an actress in 1934 and worked in a number of theatres in Oslo, Bergen and Berlin, until she changed her focus and pursued an academic education and career. In 1960, she became a senior lecturer in the German language in Trondheim, and in 1969 Professor of Germanic philology at the University of Oslo. She has - partly with Max Tau, her friend from the Berlin years, and Elie Wiesel, the Nobel Prize laureate - worked energetically promoting reconciliation after World War 2 through spreading knowledge of German literature and culture in the difficult postwar years.

Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
2004 Så mange slags kjærlighet. Med Ellinor Hamsun i Berlin 1937-39 So Many Kinds of Love
2001 Syng rune syng Sing rune sing
1998 Det var i Berlin It Happened in Berlin
1994 Cupido og det gamle apotek Cupid and the old pharmacy
1986 Blind mosaikk Blind mosaic
1981 Skyggen av en fugl i flukt The shadow of a bird in flight

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