Lunde, Maja

Maja Lunde (b. 1975) is a Norwegian author and screenwriter. She was born and raised in Oslo where she still lives with her husband and three children. Lunde has written five books for children and young adults. She has also written scripts for Norwegian television, including for the children’s series Barnas supershow (“The Children’s Super Show”), the drama series Hjem (“Home”) and the comedy series Side om Side (“Side by Side”). All of these have been great audience successes. The History of Bees (2015) is her first novel for adults. It recieved massive attention when it was first presented at the London Book Fair (Spring 2015), and was sold to seven languages before the book was launched.

On The History of Bees:

"Maja Lunde has written an exceptional and important novel which will awaken both joy and anxiety in the reader."

(Arne Hugo Stølan, VG)


Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
2016 Snill, snillere, snillest. Verdens kuleste gjeng 3 The World's Coolest Kids - Kind, kinder, kindest
Swedish Natur och Kultur
2016 Baluba på leirskole. Verdens kuleste gjeng 4. The World's Coolest Kids - School Camp Frenzy
2015 Sceneskrekk. Verdens kuleste gjeng 1 The World's Coolest Kids - Stage Fright
Danish Turbine
Swedish Natur och Kultur
2015 Bienes historie The History of Bees
American English Simon & Schuster/Touchstone
Brazilian Portuguese Editora Morro Branco Ltda.
British English Simon & Schuster UK/Commonwealth
Croatian Naklada Ljevak
Czech Omega
Danish Rosinante
Dutch De Bezige Bij
Finnish Tammi
French Presses de la Cité
German btb (Random House)
Hungarian Cser Kft.
Italian Marsilio Editori
Korean Hyundaemunhak Co., Ltd.
Lithuanian Tyto Alba
Polish Wydawnictwo Literackie
Spanish Siruela
Swedish Natur & Kultur
Turkish Monokl
2015 Kokkekaos. Verdens kuleste gjeng 2 The World's Coolest Kids - Masterchef Chaos
Danish Turbine
Swedish Natur och Kultur
2014 Battle Battle
German Urachhaus
Swedish Natur och Kultur
2012 Over grensen Border Crossing

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