Lindell, Unni

Unni Lindell (b. 1957) is one of Norway’s biggest selling writers. Her crime novels have been translated into numerous languages and has sold close to 4 million copies in Norway alone. I Know Where You Live (2016) is the first novel with Marian Dahle as its protagonist.

Lindell has also written poems, short stories and books for children and young adults. She has received several prestigious prizes for her works.

Unni Lindell often starts out in an everyday, familiar setting, before heading off in a mystical, surreal or nightmarish direction – depending on the genre. In her crime novels, the turbulent personal life of her investigators are of great significance, and the books are distinguished by great psychological insight and its high quality prose.

Photographer: Jørn Grønlund

Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
2016 Jeg vet hvor du bor I Know Where You Live
Dutch Querido
German Aufbau
Icelandic Ugla útgáfa
Italian Newton Compton
Swedish Pirat

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