Hansen, Inger Elisabeth

Inger Elisabeth Hansen made her literary debut in 1976 with the collection of poems It's now it's about to happen. She has subsequently written nine books, six of them collections of poetry, and has been honoured with the Dobloug Prize, the Aschehoug Prize and the Gyldendal Prize for her work as a poet. In 2003 she won the prestigious Brage Prize for the collection Trask (Trudge).

Her poetry appear in antologies in Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, Italian, Finnish, German, Danish, Swedish, English and Serbian.

In addition to writing her own poetry she has translated Cesar Vallejo, Juan Gelman, Rosario Castellanos (among others). She has also taught Spanish-language literature at the University of Oslo and served as president of the Norwegian Writers' Union.

"In Inger Elisabeth Hansen's poems the combination of intense involvement and bittersweet language comes to fruition in refreshing political writing. Fraværsdokumenter ought at the earliest possible moment to be circulated among both politicians and literati, young and old alike"

Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
2003 Blindsoner Blind zones
2003 Trask Trudge
2000 Fraværsdokumenter Documents of absence
1993 I rosen In the rose

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