Gulliksen, Geir

Winner of the Mads Wiel Nygaard Endowment 2008

Geir Gulliksen (b 1963) is an author and editor of fiction and general literature at Forlaget Oktober. He has published poetry, essays, plays, and two novels.

In 2008 Gulliksen won the Mads Wiel Nygaard Endowment for his literary work. In their statement, the jury wrote: “Geir Gulliksen writes in a beautiful and accessible prose, which challenges the outer limits of poetry in a way that has earned him recognition among the most sophisticated literary circles, at the same time as he can be read by anybody.”

"One of the finest Norwegian poets of his generation"

Photographer: Nils Vik

Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
2014 Joel og Io Joel and Io
Danish Turbine
Faeroese Bókadeildin
2012 Iben og forvandlingen Wondering Iben
2010 Forenkling Simplification
2009 Tjuendedagen The Twentieth Day
2008 Et ansikt som minner om norsk politikk A Face Reminiscent of Norwegian Politics
2006 Hannu, Hannu Hannu, Hannu
Dutch Uitgeverij Lannoo
Korean Hanulgorae Publishing
2005 Se på meg nå Look at Me Now
2004 In vivo In vivo
2003 Kanskje, kanskje ikke Maybe, Maybe Not
2003 Poetokrati Poetocracy
2001 Våkner om natten og vil noe annet Waking up at Night Wanting Something Else
1999 Voksne dikt Grown-up Poems
1998 Om tyngde og letthet Concerning Heaviness and Lightness
1996 Virkelighet - og andre essays Reality - and other essays
1995 Monografi Monography
1991 Lenkene flyter på vannet The Chains are Floating on the Water
1990 Steder: på torget Places: In the Market Place
1986 Mørkets munn Mouth of Darkness

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