Garté, Tiger

Tiger Garté (born 1982) is a writer, published by Aschehoug.

In 2007 Garté published the novel Burnout to great critical acclaim. He was also honoured by best-selling crime writer Jo Nesbø, who chose to share the New Books Club award, with him.

Garté is originally from Surnadal in western Norway, where he lived until he was 19. Surnadal is also where the story in Burnout takes place, and a number of the places mentioned in the book exist for real.

Currently living in Trondheim, Garté is studying for his Master’s degree in film and TV production. He is a true film aficionado and long time Tarantino fan, and has already made one documentary and several short films.

Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
2007 Burnout Burnout

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