Falkberget, Johan

An author, a farmer and a Member of Parliament, Johan Falkberget (1879-1967) was born at the Falkberget farm, in the mining town Røros in Eastern Norway. He began his career as a miner, and many of his novels portray workers and conditions in the mining community. His literary breakthrough came with the novelTHE FOURTH NIGHT WATCH (1923). In the years 1932-33, Falkberget represented the Norwegian Labour Party in Parliament.

Falkberget’s authorship spans from satire and humour to profound psychological accounts and religious intensity.

Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
1940 Nattens Brød Nightly Bread
1927 Christianus Sextus Christianus Sextus
1923 Den fjerde nattevakt The Fourth Night Watch
1920 Byd lykken haanden Offer happiness your hand
1920 Bør Børson jr Bør Børson jr
Icelandic Skrudda
1919 Bjørneskytteren Shooter of bears
1918 Sol Sun
1917 Brændoffer Burnt offering
1915 Lisbet fra Jarnfjeld Lisbeth of Jarnfjeld
1913 Eli Sjursdotter Eli Sjursdotter
1912 En finnejentes kjærlighetshistorie
1911 Fimbulvinter Fimbulvinter
1909 Urtidsnat Primordial night
1908 Ved den evige sne By the eternal snow
1907 Svarte fjelde Black mountains

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