The Testament of Nostradamus

Egeland, Tom: Nostradamus' testamente

When an Italian professor, a specialist in codes from the Middle Ages, is kidnapped at a convention in Florence, the archeologist Bjørn Beltø and the professor’s wife are plunged into a breathtaking adventure. It turns out to be a double chase: in their desperate search for the professor, they are themselves hunted by the ruthless monastic order Vicarius Filii Dei, American intelligence and a five hundred year old brotherhood of library wardens.  In order to save the life of the professor and his ten-year-old son, Beltø has to crack the codes in a letter from Nostradamus to the powerful Medici family in Florence before the kidnappers manage to do so.

Beltø’s pursuit of the meaning of the mysterious codes takes him onto the trail of the Ark of the Covenant and the legendary Library in Alexandria, as well as a sensational new understanding of humanity’s conception of God.

“Tom Egeland has developed his craftsmanship to become playfully elegant. Which craftsmanship is that? To entertain. He knows how to tell a story. Precise, energetic and enjoyable.”
Arne Guttormsen, Vårt Land

“It is a complex story, well told, with a powerful pace.”
Torbjørn Ekelund, Dagbladet

 “A well made brew of enigmas from Norway’s leading mystery novel author. (...) Egeland masters the suspense genre better than most. The plot is driven forward like a Ferrari on the highway, he suddenly gears down before he swiftly speeds up again. (...) Both vocabulary and empathy impress…”
Gabriel Moro, VG 

 “The author deserves credit for transporting inspiring ideas into the suspense novel’s often technocraticly narrow framework.”
Pål Gerhard Olsen, Aftenposten

… Exciting, humorous and fast-paced.
Jorunn Lunde Fjeldstad, Kanalen 

“Nostradamus's testament” will appeal to both mystery novel readers and those who are curious about religion and history. It makes the past come alive.
Ann Kristin Ødegård, Bergensavisen

Egeland and Bjørn Beltø are cracking the suspense code once again.
Leif-Erik Forberg, Radio Norge

First Published: 2012

Rights sold to

Language Foreign publisher
Bulgarian Perseus
Czech Euromedia
Danish Turbine
Dutch De Geus
German Goldmann (Random House)
Korean Samtoh Publishing

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