Bøge, Kari

Painter, illustrator and author, Kari Bøge made her literary debut in 1971 and has subsequently written several novels, short stories and prose pieces. She has also written books for children and young people, books that have been translated into several languages.

Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
2012 Slutt Ending
2011 Etter festen After the Party
2010 Til og fra fest Before the Party and After
2008 Komponisten The Composer
2002 Lins bok Lin's Book
2001 Og hva så So what
2000 For alt jeg vet For all I know
1998 Familiekrets Family circle
1995 Stjerneskudd Shooting star
Danish Gyldendal
1992 Ryggen fri
1990 Manns minne og andre vendepunkt The recollection of man and other turning points
Danish Øresund
1989 Hver sin lyst There’s no accounting for taste
Danish Carlsen
1988 Svanesang Swansong
Danish Carlsen
1988 Søster Viviann Sister, Viviann
1987 Morgenfugl og natteravn Early bird and night raven
1986 Speilet fanger The mirror captures
Swedish Rabén & Sjögren

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