Bjørnar Pedersen, Egil Birkeland

Bjørnar Pedersen born (1962) and Egil Birkeland (born 1964) made their literary debut in 2000 with their satirical tongue-in-cheek crime novel Hillman Hunter, based upon their fictitious radio DJ-personality made popular on Norwegian radio in the 1990s. Dead Things (2008) is their second novel together, with a much darker mood and a more serious and realistic bent about corrupt politicians and the gangster underworld of Oslo, although still with characteristic humorous dialogue and colourful characters conveyed in a deadpan narrator’s voice..

The writers have both been writing for radio and television for many years. Pedersen is a well known Norwegian radio host. Egil Birkeland is also a successful comical actor in satirical TV series.

Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
2008 Døde ting Dead Things
2000 Hillman Hunter Hillman Hunter

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