Bjerke, André

André Bjerke (1918-1985) was born in Oslo. He made his debut with a collection of poetry, Singing Earth. He was a versatile author, who has not let any genre escape his work. His essays and non-fiction often dealt with linguistic matters, and Bjerke had a column in the journal “Ordet” (“The Word”). Under the pseudonym Bernhard Borge, he wrote a number of crime novels, one of them Lake of the Dead from 1942 has been adapted into a movie.

Bjerke’s reinterpretations include drama (Shakespeare, Molière, Goethe, Racine), lyricism (Rudyard Kipling, Dorothy Parker, Edgar Allen Poe) and prose (Hermann Hesse, Heinrich Heine, Karen Blixen).

Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
2007 Samlede dikt. Annen del - med Moro-vers Collected Poems. Part Two - including Funny Verses
2007 Samlede dikt. Første del Collected Poems. Part One
1942 De dødes tjern Lake of the Dead
1941 Nattmennesket The Night Person

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