Alnæs, Karsten

Journalist, teacher and author, Karsten Alnæs made his literary debut in 1975 with a collection of short stories; the following year his book THE CAMPAIGN won first prize in Aschehoug's Novel of the Year competition.
Karsten Alnæs has subsequently written both historical and contemporary novels, and his authorship also embraces children's books and specialist works of non-fiction and multivolume series on Norwegian and European history (published by Gyldendal, Oslo). His books have brought him numerous well-merited prizes.

Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
2015 Du kommer i dag You're Coming Today
2011 Grevens tid The Times of the Earl
2009 Ikke dø, Sofie! Sophie, Don't Die!
Macedonian ViG Zenica
Serbian NNK Internacional Publishing HOuse
2008 Bakenfor alle farger Beyond All Colours
2002 En fremmed A Stranger
2001 Lisboa. Dikternes, kunstnernes og fadoens by Lisbon
1994 Sabina Sabina
Danish Gyldendal
Dutch De Geus
French Calmann-Lévy
German Piper Verlag
Italian Garzanti Editore
Japanese Japan Broadcast Publishing
Korean Hana
Polish J. Santorski
Spanish Siruela
Swedish Norstedts
1992 Trollbyen The Enchanted City
Danish Gyldendal
1983 Kom kjærlighet Come Love!
1982 Flyktende kongers følge The Retinue of Escaping Kings
German Hinstorff
1981 Kjempesmell og blå dager A Giant Bang and Blue Days
1978 Havherre og sjøtrell Lord of the Ocean, Slave of the Seas
1976 Felttoget The Campain
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