Osmundsen, Mari

Mari Osmundsen was born in 1951 and made her debut in 1987 with the novel Vi klarer det (We Can Do it). She has subsequently written numerous novels, children’s books and short stories and received several prizes:
The Gyldendal Prize 1984
The Språklig Samlings Prize for Literature 1988
Winner of an international picture book contest 1989

Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
2009 Selmas vår Selma's Spring
2000 Byen under Byen The City under the City
Danish Gyldendal
1999 Jentungen The Little Girl
1995 Sju sannferdige historier Seven Truthful Stories
1992 Absolvo te Absolvo Te
1990 Gutten som slo tida ihjel The Boy who Killed Time
1988 Arv Inheritance
German Ars Vivendi
1985 Familien The Family
1984 Gode gjerninger Good Deeds
Danish Modtryk
German Kleine Schritte
1982 Wow Wow
1979 På vei mot himmelen On the Way to Heaven
Danish Modtryk

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