Newth, Mette

Author, illustrator and translator, Mette Newth made her literary debut in 1960 with a picture book, following it up with a whole raft of books for children and young people. She has also produced television programmes for children. She is currently Principal of the National College of Art, Crafts and Design and head of the Norwegian Forum for Freedom of Expression. Det mørke lyset, young adult 1995, has been sold to Sweden, Denmark, Germany and USA, Forandringen, young adult 1997, has been sold to The Netherlands and the USA. In total Newth's award winning juvenile fiction has been translated to 17 languages.

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Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
2006 En plass i verden A Place in the World
2005 Lille Skrekk Little Dread
1999 Under huden Beneath the Skin

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