Lian, Torun

Torun Lian has written film scripts, plays, television series and books for young adults. Both her books about Frida, Frida (1990) and Frida - her heart on her sleeve, have been filmed and have won Norwegian and international prizes. Her prize-winning Bare skyer beveger stjernene (1994) has likewise been made into a film, in which she made her debut as a director, to wide acclaim from critics and public alike.

The film Ikke naken was released in September 2004, again with Torun Lian as director.

Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
2016 Alice svømmer ikke Alice Don't Swim
2015 Reserveprinsesse Andersen Alice Andersen: Backup Princess
Chinese (simplified) Daylight (Tiantian)
2014 Alice Andersen Alice
Danish Turbine
2008 Undrene i vår familie The Miracles in Our Family
2005 Adam den tredje i fjerde Adam, the Odd One Out
Danish GB-forlagene
Dutch Lannoo
German Cecilie Dressler Verlag
Korean Woongin Think Big Co., Ltd.
Slovene Grlica Publishing House
2000 Ikke naken, ikke kledt Neither Naked nor Dressed
Danish Forum
Swedish Raben & Sjögren
1994 Bare skyer beveger stjernene Only Clouds Move the Stars
Danish Forum
German Kleiner Bachmann Verlag
Swedish Raben & Sjögren
Ukrainian The Old Lion Publishing House
1991 Frida med hjertet i hånden Frida, Her Heart on Her Sleeve
Danish Forum
Dutch Uitgeverij Clavis
German F. Schneider og Arena
Swedish Raben & Sjögren
1990 Frida Frida

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