Lem, Gunn Hild

Gunn Hild Lem (b 1975) has a multifaceted background. She has a degree from the University of Oslo, having studied literature, the history of ideas, and psychology. At the moment she is getting a Master’s of Management at BI. She has experience as an entrepreneur, and has been employed in both private and public sectors.

Gunn Hild Lem was selected to be Mother of the Year in 2009. She was awarded this honor for her involvement, her openness, and for the praiseworthy way she handled her life as the mother of twins after her husband died of cancer. She wrote the book Sorrow and Butterflies in 2010.

Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
2011 MÃ¥neskinnslandet The Land of Moonlight

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