Hagerup, Inger

Inger Hagerup (1905-1985) made her literary debut in 1939 with I got Lost in the Woods, a collection of poetry. This was followed by a number of good collections, like Further (1945) and Verse with the Wind (1958). Her poems for children are classics in Norwegian children’s literature. Inger Hagerup has written radio plays and reinterpreted Shakespeare and Goethe. Her memoirs A Girl Came Along, What Are You Doing Down Here and Out Seeking Labour, were published in the 60’s.

Inger Hagerup is above all a poet of love. But she is also the poet of death; many of her best poems circle this subject. A third characteristic is her rebellious involvement, which has had intense manifestations. Her children’s poems are literature that every child in Norway has a close relationship to.

Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
2007 Samlede dikt Collected Poems
2005 Så rart How Strange
American English Enchanted Lion Books
2005 Det kommer en pike gående A Girl Comes Along

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