Grimstad, Lars Joachim

Lars Joachim Grimstad (born October 8, 1972) once dreamed of becoming prime minister, but came no closer than getting a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He has played 69 soccer games in the Norwegian Premier League, and is currently working as a copywriter in an advertising agency. His books about Prime Minister Fathar & Son are bestsellers in Norway and has been nominated to several literary prizes.

Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
2016 Statsminister Fahr & Sønn - Egoland Egoland - Prime Minister Fathar & Son 3
2014 Statsminister Fahr og sønn - Solkongen Prime Minister Fathar & Son - The Sun King
Hungarian Libri Gyerekkönyvkiadó Kft.
2012 Statsminister Fahr og sønn - Barna som forsvant. Prime Minister Fathar & Son - The Children Who Disappeared
British English Phoenix Yard
Danish Turbine
French Bayard Editions
German Cecilie Dressler Verlag
Hungarian Libri Gyerekkönyvkiadó Kft.
Turkish Final Publishing

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