Figueiredo, Ivo de

Historian Ivo de Figueiredo (b 1966) has published a number of articles on the German occupation of Norway, on the nationalist party Nasjonal Samling and on the Norwegian bringing to justice after the Second World War. In 2002 he was awarded the Brage Prize for his biography Free Man.

Praise for Figueiredo's two-volume biography of Henrik Ibsen:

"The second volume of the great biography of Henrik Ibsen sets a new standard for Norwegian writers’ biographies. The author develops a finely tuned analysis of the writer’s genius, allowing him to poke fun at [Ibsen’s] flaws, such as the old man’s use of young women. Compact myths are dissected with a steady hand, without destroying Ibsen’s glory. “The Mask” is an enchanting tale of the existential power of literature."
(Ingunn Økland, Aftenposten )

"This Ibsen-biography shares the quality of its subject: It is unsurpassable. [...] Anybody with the slightest interest in literature should indulge in a meeting with the most important Norwegian contribution to world literature: The works of Henrik Ibsen. Outside of the plays themselves, there is no better place to start than Ivo de Figueiredo’s two books, “The Man” (2006) and “The Mask” (2007) […] In particular the balance between narrative and interpretation, the different aspects of the biographical account, is masterfully executed."
(Tom Egil Hverven, Klassekampen)

"Ivo de Figueiredo’s work marks the high point in the long line of biographies of Ibsen that have been published since 1888. One reason is that it has been composed around a cohesive interpretation, around which facts and incidents can be grouped in a meaningful way. But naturally there are also other reasons: its elegant, often captivating form, its solid treatment of sources, its wise conclusions […] its ability to sketch the cultural and historical contexts with clear lines, simultaneously filling in important details […] With a steady hand and without sweeping anything under the rug, he exposes the tensions between Ibsen’s extreme radicalism, his aristocratic admiration for kings and princes, and the outsider’s permanent desire to remain on the outside of all politics."
(Atle Kittang, Dagbladet)

"A great biographical achievement […] avoiding all servile talk of “the sphinx poet”, [Figueiredo] provides a laidback portrait of Ibsen in his natural size – a mere 1.61 meters – begging for distinctions and carefully constructing his own public image."
(Mie Hidle, Stavanger Aftenblad)

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