Brænne, Trond

Trond Brænne (b. 1953. d. 2013) was a well known writer and actor. He made his literary debut with the childrens' book ADRIAN AND THE BRIDGE in 1986 and has since written a number of books for children and young adults, as well as radio and theatre plays, and song lyrics. A long-time actor at Norway's National Theatre, Brænne also acted in movies, TV dramas and radio plays.

Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
2013 Redd Afraid
2012 Vladimir og Estragon Vladimir and Estragon
2011 Savnet Missed
2009 Fremmed Stranger
2008 Uvenner No Longer Friends
German Carl Hanser Verlag
Hindi A & A Book Trust
Oriya A & A Book Trust
2005 Venner Friends
Danish Turbine
Hindi A & A Book Trust
Oriya A & A Book Trust

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