Alvestad, Iselin

Iselin Bråten Alvestad (b. 1978) has studied conflict resolution in Berlin and Kong Fu in Hong Kong, but is now residing in Oslo. Alanya – the Road Follows the Heart is her first novel. It was shortlisted for the Ark Prize for best Children's book, and is part of a series. The series was completed with the fifth book Alanya - The Struggle for Aryak in 2012.

Selected bibliography & translations

Year Norwegian title English Title Rights sold to Foreign publisher
2012 Kampen om Aryak Alanya - The Struggle for Aryak
2010 Alanya - Absalons krigere Alanya - Absalon's Warriors
2009 Alanya - Veien til Domar Alanya - The Road to Domar
2008 Dragene våkner The Dragons Awaken
Swedish Tiden
2007 Alanya - Veien følger hjertet Alanya - The Road Follows the Heart
Swedish Tiden

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